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Looking for a fun activity for your school or group?
Liven up your class room with a little bit of creative fun! We now have curriculum based activities to go along with whatever it is the class is learning. New this year is a glass Holiday ornament class that your students will greatly enjoy.

Here's some general information on how it works!

We can come to your location or we'd love to have up to 60 at a time of you as guests at our studio.

If you'd like for us to come to you, we bring all the supplies and ceramic or glass material. One of our paint experts will give the kids the low down on how the paints/glass works. After the kids are done learning and having fun, we take their masterpieces back to our studio for baking. They are typically ready in a week and are guaranteed to amaze.

Have too many kids to count? Check out our volume discount section at the bottom of the page for great savings.

Plan, Learn and Have Fun!
This package gives kids the choice between a 16oz mug, cereal bowl or salad plate. These ceramic pieces have corresponding worksheets so the kids can plan what they would like to paint before the event. You can also have a "theme", for example related to the current curriculum or an upcoming holiday. Planning out their project makes the kids more confident in their project giving them a better experience and result.

$17 INCLUDING TAX for an in-studio event, $18 outside the studio

PDF worksheets will be emailed to you!

NEW! Glass Frit Painting for Ages 7+
Now this one is a crowd pleaser. Painting with glass powder in a way similar to sand painting, but on a piece of clear glass. This project comes with an activity sheet that can be used to plan out the designs before the event. During the event the children place a 4x4 clear glass piece on top of their design and recreate it with glass powder. We'll place a hook in a corner so the finished artwork can be hung in the window catching the light.

$18 INCLUDING TAX for an in-studio event, $20 outside the studio.

NEW! Two Twinkling Handmade Glass Ornaments
There is just something about glass ornaments that makes a kid gleam with joy, whether it be on a tree or used as a sun catcher, it's bound to get complimented. Students can design with 15-20 different glass pebble colours that are either opaque or translucent to create a design up to 4"x4" in size. Every student gets to do TWO glass ornaments that'll look amazing on the tree or in the window.

$18 INCLUDING TAX for an in-studio event, $20 outside the studio

Two Lovely Ceramic Ornaments
Always a popular option. Each child paints two ornaments, and there are non-religious choices available as well as Christmas specific items. The picture shows a selection of typical items, we will typically bring at least 10 types and the children choose what they like. They'll be delivered with nice ribbons, ready to go on the tree or in the window.
*Only $17 INCLUDING TAX for an in-studio event, $18 outside the studio*

Resolution Mug
New year new you! Encourage your student to set future goals for the new year with these 16oz mugs.

*Only $17 INCLUDING TAX for an in-studio event, $18 outside the studio*

Fingerprint Pot Party
Just like a flower a students mind continues to grow with the nurturing nature of a caring teacher. These flower pots are great to teach young students about the processes of agriculture. Due to delivery times for the pots please give us at least three weeks of advance notice for a pot painting event.

*$19 INCLUDING TAX for an in-studio event, $20 outside the studio*

Glass Sun Catcher
These four inch sun catchers will not only catch a twinkle in the light but everyones eye! Every catcher comes with hooks and can be displayed in a window in the class before going home as a great present.

*$20 INCLUDING TAX for an in-studio event, $22 outside the studio*

Class Effort Project
This is a great team building option. As a class, everyone gets to work on a shared piece. The To-go box is a 2 week rental and comes with 15 preselected colours. We provide the palletes and brushes based on what you need.

Rental box is $50 including firing for up to 6 items, plus whatever piece you choose for your class. We have platters, plates, large bowls, vases and even picture frames. Feel free to call or visit our studio for accurate pricing.

Ceramic Painting Volume Discount.
Volume discounts starts over 50 painters, so talk to your colleagues and have a BIG party!

Volume discount for 50-99 painters is $1 per painter, and over 100 painters you'll enjoy a discount of $2. The discounted price applies to ALL the painters so it's easy for you if you need to collect money from the parents.

For events outside of Markham, a travel fee of $25 will apply in most cases, and if you'd like us to deliver the finished items to your door outside of Markham there's a $25 delivery fee

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